List of EIC/EIA's Laboratories
S.No.Name of LaboratoryDate of Approval(dd/mm/yyyy)Valid UptoScope of Approval
1Export Inspection Agency -Kochi Laboratory,Kochi 11/09/2022 10/09/2024Biological and Chemical Testing
2Export Inspection Agency,Chennai,Sub Office Visakhpatnam Laboratory. 28/05/2021 27/05/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
3Export Inspection Agency- Kolkata Laboratory, Kolkata 15/07/2021 14/07/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
4Export Inspection Agency-Chennai Laboratory, Chennai 31/03/2020 30/03/2024Biological and Chemical Testing
5Export Inspection Agency-Chennai, Sub Office Bhimavaram Laboratory. 19/06/2021 18/06/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
6Export Inspection Agency-Delhi Laboratory, New Delhi 02/01/2021 01/01/2023Chemical Testing
7Export Inspection Agency-Kolkata, Sub Office Bhubaneswar laboratory 03/12/2021 02/12/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
8Export Inspection Agency-Mumbai Laboratory, Pilot Test House, Mumbai 23/04/2022 22/04/2024Biological and Chemical Testing
List of EIC Approved External Laboratories
S.No.Name of LaboratoryDate of Approval(dd/mm/yyyy)Valid UptoScope of Approval
1AES Laboratories (P) Limited Noida 23/11/2021 23/10/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
2ANACON Laboratories Pvt Ltd. Nagpur 04/10/2021 03/10/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
3Arbro Pharmaceutical PVT. LTD New Delhi 23/11/2021 22/03/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
4Ashwamedh Engineers Consultants,Nashik 22/11/2021 22/11/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
5Assurance Laboratory, LT Foods Limited Sonipat 07/05/2021 06/05/2023Chemical Testing
6Avon Food Lab Pvt. Ltd Delhi 15/11/2022 14/11/2024Biological and Chemical Testing
7Basmati Export Develoment Foundation,Meerut Uttar Pradesh 03/03/2020 17/02/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
8Bureau Veritas (India) Pvt. Ltd Chennai 03/11/2021 02/11/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
9Bureau Veritas India Testing Services Pvt Ltd Hyderabad 08/12/2021 07/12/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
10CALF (Center for Analysis and Learning in Livestock and Food), NDDB,Anand 14/10/2021 13/10/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
11Chennai Mettex Lab Pvt. Ltd. Chennai 16/06/2022 15/09/2024Biological and Chemical Testing
12Delhi Test House,Azadpur Delhi 12/03/2022 02/03/2024Biological and Chemical Testing
13Dr. Amin Controllers Pv.t Ltd. , Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 01/08/2021 31/07/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
14Ebro India Food Research and Analysis Centre, Taraori ,Karnal 26/06/2022 27/05/2024Chemical Testing
15ECO Green Labs Pvt. Ltd. Bhimavaram, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh 12/02/2022 11/02/2024Biological and Chemical Testing
16Edward Food Research Analysis Centre Ltd.Kolkata 24/04/2022 23/04/2024Biological and Chemical Testing
17Envirocare Labs Pvt. Ltd. Thane 23/12/2021 22/12/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
18Eureka Analytical Service Pvt. Ltd. Sonipat Haryana 17/11/2020 16/11/2024Biological and Chemical Testing
19Eureka Analytical Services Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru, Karnatak 03/07/2021 02/07/2023Biological and Chemical Testing
20Eurofins Analytical Services India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore 09/12/2021 31/10/2022Biological and Chemical Testing