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i.EIC Rules 1964
ii.Recruitment Rules
(a) Export Inspection Council
(b) Export Inspection Agency
iii.CPF rules, Gratuity rules
iv.EIC/EIA Employees CCA Rules
3.Govt. of India Order Notifications
i.Basmati Rice
ii.Black Pepper
iii.Bivalve Molluscs
iv.Fish & Fishery Products (w.e.f.15.03.2012)
v.Dried Fish
vi.Dried Fish Maws
vii.Honey fish
ix.Milk & Milk Products
x.Egg & Egg Products
xi.Fresh Poultry Meat and Poultry Meat Products
xii.Raw Meat Products (Chilled/Frozen)
xiii.Processed Meat Products
xiv.Animal Casing Along with(Amendment No.-1)
xv.Crushed Bones, Ossein and Gelatine
xvi.Fruits Products
xvii.Feed Additives & Premixture
xviii.Peanut and Peanut Products
xx.Export of Food Supplements containing botanicals to EU and UK
5.Certificate of OriginAgreementExecutive InstructionsGuide to ExportersAmendments
i.Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)
ii.Global System of Trade Preferences (GSTP)
iii.Bangkok Agreement (BA)
iv.Saarc Preferential Trading Arrangement (SAPTA)
v.Indo Srilanka Free Trade Agreement (ISFTA)
vi.India Afghanistan Preferential Trading Arrangement (IAPTA)
vii.India Thailand Free Trade Agreement (ITFTA)
viii.CECA –Singapore Agreement
ix.Unified Executive Instructions for CoO
x.Annex 13a of EU Regulation 2454/1993(Rules of origin for EU GSP)
6.OthersSchemes / DocumentsAmendments
i.Voluntary Certification Scheme
ii.Korea Scheme
iii.Srilanka Scheme
iv.Turkey Scheme For Issue Of Health Certificates
v.Non-GMO Certificate Issuance
v(a).Non-GMO Certificate Amendment No.1 effective from 01-07-2010
v(b).Non-GMO Certificate Amendment No.2 effective from 14-10-2013
vi.Issuance of Non-Prefrential CoO for Tea
vii.Attestation of Equivalence for the consignments of hops and its products
viii.Uniform attestation fee "Tatkal" Service
ix.Minutes of Council Meeting
x.Amendment No. 2 to Document No. EIC/CoO-PS/Ex. Inst/Jan/2007/Issue 01
xi.Amendment number 3 to the Document Number EIC/ F FP/Ex. Inst. / March /2012/Issue 4 (Fish and Fishery Products)
xii.Office Order to MPEDA/CAA/State Fisheries for Aquaculture Farms/Hatcheries/Feed Mills Registration
xiii.Amendment number 1 to the Document Number EIC/F FP/Ex. Inst./ March /2012/Issue 4 (Fish and Fishery Products)
xiv.Amendment number 2 to the Document Number EIC/ F FP/Ex. Inst. / March /2012/Issue 4 (Fish and Fishery Products)
xv.Public Interest Disclosure Protection of Informers (PIDPI)- Guidelines
xvi.Circular for EIC Approved Laboratories
xvii.Scheme For Ornamental Fish
xviii.Levy of fee for issue of CoO on 'RETROSPECTIVE' Basis
xix.Procedure for Monitoring and Control of Qwarantine Pests in Mills / Warehouses storing Basmati Rice to be exported to China
xx.Test Certificate in respect of export of shrimps from India to EU and Non- EU destination-regarding. (Dated: 02-June-2014)
xxi.Waiving of inspection of FBOS by FSSAI officials with valid approval of establishments under EIA. (Dated: 29-DEC-2014)
xxii.Project on montoring the TBT Notifications of WTO member countries
xxiii.Regulation of Custom Union for export of Fish Fishery Products
xxiv.Executive Instructions for approval and montoring of establishment processing rapeseed meal for export
xxv.Citizen Charter for fish and fishery products scheme
xxvi.Executive Instructions for Primary Production For Fish Fishery Products January 2016
xxvii.Citizen Charter for CoO
xxviii.Handing/Taking over charge
xxix.SOP for Issuance of quality certificate for export of ‘Wheat Flour (Atta)’
xxx.Amendment in Annexure II of the "Unified Executive Instructions for Issue of Certificate of Origin under various Preferential Schemes by EIAs"