Procedure For Loding Complaint Under PIDPIR

If a complainant while exposing a case of corruption wants his identity to be kept secret, he/she should lodge a complaint under Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informers Resolution (PIDPIR) – popularly known as Whistle Blower Provision. The CVC is mandated not only to maintain the secrecy of the complainant’s identity but also provide protection to the complainant against any physical threat, harassment or victimization.
  • Complaint under “Public Interest Disclosure and Protection of Informer” Resolution can be made only by post. The envelope should be superscribed “PIDPIR” or “Whistle Blower”. The complainant should refrain from giving his name on the body of the letter. The personal detail should be separately given or given at the top or end of the letter so that they can be easily blocked out.
  • If any person is victimised due to the fact that he had filed a complaint under the Whistle Blower provisions, he may file an application before the Commission seeking redressal in the matter. Commission would then intervene suitably to protect the complainant
  • The complainant can use the complaint number provided by the Commission to see the status of action on complaints which have been forwarded to the authorities concerned for investigation and report by clicking on the ‘Complaint Status’ displayed on the Commission’s website – For more information, please visit FAQ