Quality Control And Inspection

The EIC, through its field organizations i.e. Export Inspection Agencies (EIAs) exercise quality control and inspection in respect of products notified under Export (Quality Control And Inspection) Act, 1963, in order to ensure that the products meant for export are in compliance to the importing country’s requirements. The type of quality control And inspection could be Consignment-wise or Food Safety Management System based. The EIC has three tier surveillance mechanism to exercise control on the approved establishments. Currently, the list of products notified for mandatory pre-shipment inspection and certification prior to export from India, can be referred in detail through the following link https://eicindia.gov.in/WebApp1/pages/menuInfo/documents.xhtml

Voluntary Certification Scheme:       In cases, the products which are not notified under Export (Quality Control And Inspection) Act, 1963, but importing country require Certificate of Compliance from Competent Authority of exporting country, the EIC has developed Voluntary Certification Scheme (Hyperlink) to facilitate the export trade.Refer the following link for details : https://eicindia.gov.in/WebApp1/pages/menuInfo/documents.xhtml