Functions of Chief Vigilance Officer

The Vigilance Unit of Export Inspection Council (EIC) is responsible for vigilance activities in the organization under the general superintendence of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC), the apex organization of the Government of India that controls anti-corruption measures and probity in public life. The vigilance unit is headed by a Chief Vigilance Officer of Joint Secretary level, Vigilance Officer at EIC New Delhi and Vigilance officers posted at five EIA Headquarters at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, Kolkata for conduct of investigations, disciplinary proceedings and other follow-up actions.
The broad functions of Chief Vigilance Officer are:
  • Scrutiny of complaints having vigilance angle
  • Direct investigation/inquiry of complaints having vigilance angle pertaining to EIC and EIAs.
  • Investigation / enquiry of the complaints having vigilance angle.
  • Seeking advice from CVC on the cases having vigilance angle.
  • Extend assistance/ liaison with CBI / Lokpal/ Police and other agencies in the investigation of cases.
  • Examination of the self-contained notes/ SP’s reports received from CBI and its follow up.
  • Handling of prosecution sanctions pertaining to Vigilance cases.
  • Issues concerning suspension and other departmental action in vigilance matters.
  • Conduct departmental/disciplinary proceedings in vigilance matters, in respect of all employees, including retired employees, having disciplinary authority in EIC and EIAs.
  • Handling and issue of orders in appeal, review and revision petitions relating to vigilance matters.
  • Issue of vigilance clearance.
  • Preparation and maintenance of Agreed list, Officers of Doubtful Integrity (ODI) list and necessary action thereon.
  • Identification of sensitive areas and monitoring implementation of rotational transfer policy.
  • Scrutiny of Annual Property Returns and Intimation of acquisition/disposal of property submitted by the officers of the Corporation.
  • Coordination for organizing training/workshop on vigilance matters.
  • Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week.