Technical Assistance

EIC has established Human Resource quality Development Centre (HR QDC) based on a recommendation of the International Seminar on Food Safety Management held in Bangalore in May 2000 to mark the conclusion of FAQs project on 'Manpower Development in Food Safety and Quality' for development of trainers in the area of food safety implemented by EIC during 1998-2000.

The Human Resources Quality Development Centre has been set up with the aim of:

1. Bringing about quality consciousness and awareness among the personnel of Indian industry in the areas of Quality Management Systems as per ISO 9000, HACCP and Food Safety Management Systems, Environment Systems as per ISO 14000, Laboratory Quality Management Systems as per ISO 17025 and other international standards on management systems and conformity assessment.
2. Training in implementation of International Standards especially quality, safety and environment management systems standards as above are becoming a pre-requisite for competing in the global market.
3. Development of awareness and training modules for different sectors of the Indian export industry especially in Food Safety Management Systems.
4. Development and implementation of Quality Assurance Schemes in various sectors of industry to ensure compliance with international requirements.
5. Development of databases in the quality and safety requirements of India's trading partners for dissemination among exporters.
6. Training of certifying bodies and industry on issue of Certificates of Origin to exporters under preferential tariff schemes like GSP, GSTP,SAPTA, Bangkok Agreement and Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement.
7. Carrying out problem-oriented research especially on contaminants in food products for exports or any other issues of importance to Indian exports.

EIC has trained manpower to impart training in the above. It has one of the largest pools of trainers in Food Safety Management Systems in India numbering more than 60.

In case you are looking for training in any of the above areas, kindly contact us.